Advice from female script consultants

2 min readMar 23, 2021

For the occasion of the Women’s History Month, Wscripted hosted a conversation with Wscripted’s female script consultants about storytelling by women in different regions of the world. While entry barriers for women writers remain and challenges vary depending on the country, panelists Rebecca Katz (Wscripted’s Head of Talent Development, script consultant & film development executive), Sarah Stunt (script consultant and screenwriter), Carys Lewis (script consultant and writer-director) and Sophie Muller (script consultant and writer-director), shared their advice on how to hone your craft and work with collaborators that will best support the development of your story. Here are the key take-aways:

Being outspoken and finding your worth

There is one thing, all consultants agree on: finding your value as a storyteller and surrounding yourself with female storytellers or other partners who understand the story you want to tell is key. When working with decision-makers, it is very important to be careful about who you decide to work with. Do not wait for approval, set your boundaries and find the worth to share the story you want to tell.

Receiving the right script notes

When you write stories from the female gaze, not everyone will share your perspective and give you useful notes that serve the development of your story and characters. It is important that you build a community of people who you trust to give you the right type of feedback, and have women as part of your writing process to have a female perspective to hone your craft. When working with script consultants and producers, remember that it is an open conversation to help you get to the core of your story. Script notes can be an opportunity to reflect on your instincts and clarify elements of your story that are important for you.

Building authentic female-led stories

The goal of script consultants is to support writers elevate their story. Consultants can be seen as guides, that can help you find your deep intentions and make them legitimate. When working on female-led stories, the challenge for writers is to build complex female characters that break the societal norms. Building a trusted relationship with your collaborators is key in overcoming those limitations and receive the support you need to get your story to its authentic core.




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