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How can I apply to Pitch a Decision-Maker, Wscripted’s Cannes Screenplay List?

  • Pitch a Decision-Maker, apply here
  • Cannes Screenplay List, apply here.

You will need to upload your project on the wscripted platform before submitting your application.

Why do I have to pay to apply?

To apply to Wscripted’s call for entries, you will need to pay a one time submission fee or upgrade to a premium or club membership on Wscripted’s platform. The one time fee is charged by Wscripted’s team to review your application. Wscripted’s premium membership grants you access to producer view notifications. Wscripted Storyteller Club members also take part in 1on1 curated networking and peer-to-peer script notes groups.

Could you specify the application rules?

When submitting an application, you are simply applying for an opportunity to gain visibility toward decision-makers. Your application is not contractual nor tied to Wscripted, producers, and our third parties. For more information about the promotion of your content, you can read Section 7 of our Terms of Use here.

If you are selected, we will share your Wscripted project page with decision-makers. Your content remains protected by being showcased on and exclusively visible by decision-makers with an account on the platform. You also have the option to hide your script on the platform and request for producers to contact you if interested to read.

What is the selection process for Pitch a Decision-Maker?

Wscripted’s team reviews all applications and reads the full screenplays or pilots of applicants before making a decision. Wscripted then tailors the selection to the guest producer’s creative interests and invites 4 talents to pitch during the event. Only the selected storytellers are notified by email if selected to pitch.

What is the selection process for Wscripted Cannes Screenplay List?

Our global team of industry professionals, reading committee and juries use its broad knowledge of the entertainment industry and passion for discovering new voices as a foundation for our curation decisions. For the Annual Cannes Screenplay List, we aim to highlight feature film projects with international distribution potential that feature complex female or non-binary characters.

Receiving the mention “Wscripted Recommends” doesn’t guarantee your nomination on the List, as List nominations are independent.

The List is announced during the Cannes Film Market. Nominated writers will be notified by email before the announcement.

How is Wscripted helping me gain visibility among producers and executives?

Wscripted connects writers with decision-makers during Pitch a Decision-Maker events. These virtual events are a productive forum in which writers can practice their pitches and have the opportunity for constructive networking. These events are free for all Wscripted’s members to attend.

Wscripted’s Annual Cannes Screenplay List is shared with a large number of international producers and executives during the Cannes Film Festival. Wscripted’s team also recommends projects to producers and executives during in-person meetings in Cannes. The list enables decision-makers to discover the nominated projects on Wscripted’s secure online platform and directly contact the writers if interested.

Even if you are not selected for Wscripted’s opportunities, your profile and projects remain searchable by producers, may receive the mention “Wscripted Recommends” and be featured in Wscripted’s Scripts of the Month newsletter, sent on a monthly basis to decision-makers.

Will there be another Wscripted Cannes Screenplay List in the future?

The Wscripted Cannes Screenplay List is a recurrent annual initiative that aims to accelerate deal opportunities for women and non-binary screenwriters and writer-directors.


When submitting a project on Wscripted’s platform, I am unsure of what to include in the concept section?

You can use the concept section to specify any comps, original IP if it is an adaption (an option agreement with the owner of the original IP is required if the IP is not in the public domain), give more insights on the genre, theme, purpose or other inspirations. It could be a short sentence.

When submitting a project on Wscripted’s platform, what copyright number is accepted?

If you are a US-based writer, it is advised to register your script with the US Copyright Office. You can start an online application with Wscripted’s partner Cosynd here and enter “filed with Cosynd” on Wscripted. Wscripted also accepts WGA registration numbers. If you are based in the UK, you can enter “n/a” in the copyright section. For more questions about copyright, you can read our article here.

When submitting a project on Wscripted’s platform, should I show or hide my project on the platform?

Wscripted offers the option to change the visibility of your drafts. This enables you to hide your original script from decision-makers and display your contact information instead. This is not recommended as producers usually prefer to review projects before getting in touch with writers.

Our recommended option is to upgrade to our premium or club memberships, which grants you access to producer view notifications. You will thus be notified every time a decision-maker views your project page, thus keep track of who is interested to read!


Is Wscripted curating projects?

While all projects can be discovered on Wscripted, Wscripted highlights certain projects to decision-makers. The mention “Wscripted Recommends” is added to well-written narrative stories with unique and original voices, that shift the perspective for underrepresented voices.

When is Wscripted reviewing submissions?

We currently exclusively review projects submitted to our call for entries (Pitch a Decision-Maker, Annual Cannes Screenplay List, and future partner opportunities — stay tuned!!).

How can I be featured on Wscripted’s Curated Scripts of the Month?

Wscripted’s Curated Scripts of the Month is a monthly newsletter going out to decision-makers. Our team randomly selects five projects with the mention “Wscripted Recommends” and recommends them to decision-makers. To be considered, simply apply to Wscripted’s call for entries (Pitch a Decision-Maker, Annual Cannes Screenplay List).

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