Wscripted introduces waitlist for First AI Literary Assistant Wscripted+

For creative professionals in Film & TV to review screenplays and books faster and source great writers beyond network.

3 min readNov 27, 2023

Our Story: Diversify Hollywood

It was 2020 when Wscripted first launched its talent platform with the mission to expand opportunities for women and non-binary writers. Wscripted went on to introduce a highly publicized “Cannes Screenplay List” of top scripts by women co-presented by MUBI, which attracted thousands of script submissions since its first edition in 2021. Each year, Wscripted pitches the prestigious selection to producers at the Cannes Film Market, a boost for projects to be financed and produced.

However, there was a persistent challenge despite the platform’s growth to a community of 1500 writers, the industry buzz surrounding the “Cannes Screenplay List”, and success stories of produced films. Wscripted realized that decision-makers struggled to find the time to review spec scripts from new writers, even when interested in discovering underrepresented talent.

Our Vision: Disrupt with AI

To overcome the archaic roadblocks of the Film, TV industry and expand opportunities for underrepresented writers, Wscripted decided to leverage technology and built Wscripted+: the first AI Literary Assistant.

Wscripted+ came to life after collaborating with 20 independent producers and studio executives, including NBCUniversal and Sky, who helped us understand the needs, and gave feedback on the early version of the technology.

Wscripted+ generates script coverage, plays scripts with faster speed audio, and will soon compare drafts and more. This groundbreaking technology enables producers, agents, and development teams to review scripts faster, revolutionizing how production companies navigate script submissions, thus expanding the talent pipeline for more underrepresented writers.

Wscripted+ not only benefits industry professionals to read faster, but also supports writers. It helps writers create their script summary, facilitates their script reviews through faster speed audio or draft comparison. Wscripted+ will also enable writers to be sourced by producers, agents, executives thanks to cutting-edge “discovery” recommendations made possible by our AI Literary Assistant.

Our Mission: Drive Positive Impact

In addition to its technological advancements, Wscripted has been at the forefront of ethical AI conversations in Hollywood since the start of the writers’ strike. Our company advocates for responsible use of AI and supports AI regulations to protect the work of writers. Wscripted is proud to build a socially-driven technology that can set a standard for positive AI use, with the mission to break entry barriers for underrepresented writers in motion picture, publishing and beyond.

Our Waitlist: Join Wscripted+

Wscripted recently opened a waitlist for creative professionals to gain early access to Wscripted+, inviting a select number of production companies, talent agencies, studio executives and writers to join its private beta in support of the busy post-strike season.

Make sure to sign up to our waitlist or visit our website at

Wscripted accelerates the discovery of writers and content for producers, agents, and studios with technology. Wscripted recently launched the first AI Literary Assistant Wscripted+ for creative professionals to review scripts and books faster. Wscripted is known for its Cannes Screenplay List, which highlights top feature scripts by women and non-binary writers to producers during the Cannes Film Market. A 2023 Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Lab, 2023 EFM Startups and 2022 STATION F (42) cohort company.




Wscripted accelerates the discovery of diverse writers and content for agents, producers, studios with the first AI Literary Assistant. Visit!